A estupidez da utopia do progressismo católico aliado ao Islamismo

Aconselho ao blogue Logos que leia, e que não se limite a transcrever textículos. Por exemplo, que leia este texto:

« A few days ago Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, wrote an article, “Can Islam be reformed?”. As a good neoconservative, Pipes believes that Islamic culture will ultimately be able to adapt to western standards and that a reformed, reinterpreted version of Islam will emerge from the contacts with western democratic influences.

In his article, he expressly shows Islamic civilization in a very un-civilizational light: the issues in Islamic history are made to appear a variation on what happened in the history of other cultures, namely an endless sequence of wars and political upheavals, according to the classical pattern of rise and fall: the extremism that plagues the Islamic world is in fact a reaction to the decline of Islam since its golden age, and will wither away once a democratic, economically successful alternative has been offered; in this sense, the Islamist movement is not unlike communism and fascism, both ideologies cashing in on political and economic hardship.

Moreover, Islam is not all that different from Judaism and Christianity: both religions have in the past embraced views we would now find unacceptable: Islam can adapt to modernity like other religions have. Pipes concedes that Islam today poses many problems and not all of its tenets are very humane, but he believes that Islam could be, as it were, absorbed by the west. In his most recent commentary on the military coup in Egypt, he reiterated his view that Islamism is just an extremist political fraction vying for influence among the electorate, and that the majority of the population are moderate Muslims desperately in search of answers to the crisis of modernity. »

(Ler o resto)

A ideia segundo a qual o mundo islâmico passa por um processo histórico similar ao que passou o mundo do Cristianismo, é uma ideia não só de um absurdo anacronismo, mas é também uma estúpida ucronia. Quem pensa assim é estúpido. Literalmente estúpido. O blogue Logos merecia um pouco mais do que essa estupidez rasteira; e, quer o Blogue Logos queira ou não queira, este Papa Francisco I é um dos menos intelectualizados de sempre, e em toda a história da Igreja Católica.

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